Are you the owner of a business tired of trying to find new ways to market your products, without facing hidden charges? Are you a freelancer who is fed up of paying extortionate prices to promote your services to your local area? Well tap into your business’ hidden potential and download Visdea for free today!

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Visdea is for the majority, not the minority. So here at Visdea we have combined the simple art of communication and promotion and made it simpler!

Visdea connects the buyer with the seller. By downloading Visdea, it allows the use of local shops,  freelancers and businesses the ability to showcase their products and services, to new and existing customers.

This user friendly app also allows shop owners, freelancers and business to list products/services on their unique business page.

Customers are simply able to make purchases through the app with no hidden charges and collect them later in the day! Businesses and users are also able to keep in constant communication to discuss pricing, availability and reservations.

Visdea is a platform that allows Freelancers, Shops and Businesses the ability to advertise their businesses for free. Businesses have the ability to extend their features by purchasing the virtual shop, virtual services and deluxe packages. The virtual shop feature allows businesses to the sell their unique products to new and existing customers. The virtual services feature allows businesses to sell the services they provide allowing the customers to schedule a date and book them. The Deluxe feature includes both the virtual shop and virtual services feature for businesses that offer both.

Visdea is currently available for download on the App store only in the United Kingdom. We have big plans to go global and on many other platforms in the future so don’t worry!

Map Feature

Use the Visdea in-app map feature to view and communicate with freelancers, shops and businesses in your area!

Business Profiles

Are you a Freelancer? Shop owner or Business, then create your very own unique business profile which allows you to advertise your business for Free! For an additional fee you can list and sell your products and services on your Visdea profile which allows customers to directly book and purchase from your business!

Virtual Services Feature

The Virtual Services feature allows you to list the services you provide and allow customers to make bookings directly through the Visdea app!

Business from Anwhere!

Buy, sell and communicate with your customer's anywhere in the world with just an internet connection!

User Profile

As a user you can communicate, purchase and book services from your local businesses, shops and freelancers for free!

Virtual Shop Feature

The Virtual Shop Package allows you to list and sell your products for new and existing customers to favourite, purchase,, share and collect whenever and wherever 24/7!


You can sell your services and products whether you’re open or closed from wherever you are in the world! Also allows you to have constant communication with your customers to be able to answer any enquiries.

You can:

  • The ability to communicate with new and existing customers through the built-in messenger and a ‘virtual shop’ feature which allows users to view, purchase and enquire about listed products all the time.
  • Profiles can be accessible to users 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Manage your business profile accordingly and notify users of any changes to your products/services, where necessary.
  • Share your profile with all existing and potential users through social media platforms.
  • Features that allow users to book services from your business and allows them to schedule a start date and time with your business.
  • The ability to accept, decline or amend dates of any service booking request received by a user.
  • Users can purchase items from wherever and whenever and be confident that their item will be held until collection.
  • Our unique ‘request feature’ allows customers to request for specific services and items in their area, allowing you to contact the users!
  • No hidden fees, when an item is sold or a services is booked it’s all cash in hand so you keep all your profits!
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The ability to be anywhere in the world on your travels or in the comfort of your own home to view, book, communicate and purchase from any shop, freelancer or business available to you in your location.

You can:

  • Use the map’s feature to scroll through your local area, to find which products/services you are looking for…without having to ever leave your house.
  • Review and re-visit business profiles that have caught your attention to stay connected.
  • The ability to access and view the products sold in any shop which is available in your area.
  • Notify friends of your recent purchases and provide recommendations.
  • Make a purchase at any time, then organise a time to arrange and pick up that item at a time that suits you and the seller…all with the touch of a button.
  • The ability to use our unique ‘request feature’ which allows you to request specific services and products in your area so that the business profiles can contact you!
  • Book services and schedule a date and time of when the service will start.
  • Communicate with your local businesses, freelancers and shops 24 hours a day 7 days a week by using the built-in messaging feature.
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Visdea is a platform which empowers several  different businesses such as freelancers, local shops and small businesses that provide both services and sell products.

Visdea wants to be the reason why local businesses are striving as the growth and popularity of the internet makes it extremely difficult for local businesses to viral the simplicity of purchasing online.

Gone are the days that potential customers can be sitting in their own home at any hour and not knowing what stock is available for purchase in their local shops and then turn to internet shopping instead of helping out their local community businesses and freelancers!


Andrew Michael

Founder & Owner

Andrew Michael is a London based young entrepreneur who has started his first business venture in creating Visdea at just the age of 21. Working as a Microsoft cloud consultant for several years, Andrew has always had a love for technology and a passion for innovation as he believes both technology and innovation combined is key to advancing and benefiting humanity as it has shown to connect and help many people worldwide.

As a start-up with limited budget and resource, Andrew is proud that he is responsible for everything behind the creation of Visdea from the idea to UI & UX design of the app, website creation, logos, branding, all marketing materials and even the business and legal aspect of the company! Andrew has been labelled as a ‘Pixel Perfect, Perfectionist’ by his development team as he has a specific eye for design and perfectionism which is crucial in developing any app and brand.

Andrew has ensured that there is a lot of surprises and innovation which is in store for Visdea users in the future and has sworn to constantly provide more innovative ideas to help benefit all Visdea users.